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Simple Ways to Revamp Your Scarf Into A Hair Accessory

Liberate your headscarf from night duty! Instead of just sleeping in your scarf, try to play around with different ways to turn it into a cool hair accessory suitable for both day and night.


One easy way to start is by using a long, narrow scarf as a headband. Just tie it directly across the front of your hair. You can even use a regular elasticized headband as a placeholder to help you get your scarf where you want it. Tie the scarf together at the base of your neck, and you’re done.

Hair Bow

Another idea is to create two bunny ears or a cute bow on the side of your head, as seen in this photo of Beyonce from her video for “Why Don’t You Love Me.”


One of the hippest ways to show off your fashion savvy is to wear your scarf as a turban. Bring your scarf to your head and create a bunched knot like this one from June Ambrose‘s sold-out collection.

Scarf Braid

A new way to wear a scarf is to work it into a french braid. Use the scarf as you would a strand of hair and braid down weaving the scarf with your hair.