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Hairstyles with rubber bands

Are you searching for new ways to style your hair? We have the best idea in mind. Hairstyles with rubber bands, we’re suggesting you try. While Pixie Haircuts and Bun Hairstyles have already out of the trend, rubber bands hairstyles can be given new looks. They help you to keep hair from your face and allow you to look smart, …

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Simple Ways to Revamp Your Scarf Into A Hair Accessory

Liberate your headscarf from night duty! Instead of just sleeping in your scarf, try to play around with different ways to turn it into a cool hair accessory suitable for both day and night. Headband One easy way to start is by using a long, narrow scarf as a headband. Just tie it directly across the front of your hair. …

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5 Ways to “Waterproof” Your Hair

5 Ways to Waterproof Your Hair

It’s common to have a love-hate relationship with black hair because, although it’s unique and can be styled a million and one ways, it’s high maintenance. It needs great care when dry, and it becomes especially fragile when it meets up with water. But don’t let H2O ruin your beach vacation or Sunday afternoon swim class with your kids. Here are some …

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