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5 Ways to “Waterproof” Your Hair

5 Ways to Waterproof Your Hair

It’s common to have a love-hate relationship with black hair because, although it’s unique and can be styled a million and one ways, it’s high maintenance. It needs great care when dry, and it becomes especially fragile when it meets up with water. But don’t let H2O ruin your beach vacation or Sunday afternoon swim class with your kids. Here are some tips.

Wear a Swim Cap

Yes, you probably wore one when you were about nine years old but, if “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sometimes the simplest things are the best solutions. A fitted silicon cap will do the trick for keeping your hair relatively dry if you want to take a quick dip. If you’re worried the cap will make you lose your sexy looks, see the next tip.

Wet Your Hair Before

It seems counterproductive, but if you wet your hair before going in chlorine water, it will absorb less of the chemical. Chlorine can break down the bonds of natural and relaxed hair, which sounds just about as gnarly as it is, so if a swim cap isn’t your fancy, wet your hair before you hit the pool and you’re hair won’t suffer as much damage.

Do Double Duty

If you’re OK with wearing a swim cap but are worried it’s not going to protect your hair thoroughly, you can apply a thick conditioner in your hair before putting the cap on. Or, alternately, you can wear a headscarf or saran wrap under your swim cap. Your hair should look pretty much the same as it’s prior state once you get out of the water.

Braid It Up

If you are a good braider, you can plait your hair before you step into the water, and your hair will at least remain neat. When rinsing your hair, you’ll have a nice braid out.

Sit Pretty

If you’re not fond of messing up your hairstyle or taking the necessary precautions to protect it, you can always enjoy the scenery. You can set up your spot with a towel, umbrella, crack a good book at the beach, and your hair will almost certainly be protected. Watch the incoming tide, but otherwise, all good.